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Whatever you purchase today, this month & this year all contribute to better bang for your buck.  Buy from one manufacturer, or buy from all.  Round up your friends & neighbours so you can all get better value.  If you are big buyer you will be in for  rare treat (or at least medium rare).  Contact us here for a quote  and we’ll send out the chopper to muster you the best deal we can find.



We’ve been helping livestock producers since 1996 and promise you country values in an online world. We work in your industry and understand the issues you face.  Shop with us to compare the best products and best prices all in the one place. We check every order for NLIS compliance before we place it, so you can trust in our experts to help you get it right.


At our ears are big. We listen and we hear you. If a mis-steak is made we’ll work hard to find a solution. We know our products and we have a great relationship with the manufacturers. Let us take stock of the issues so you can get back to the important business of feeding our families.

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I just wanted to say thank you very much for getting everything to us by the weekend – you were fab. Thank you!!!!

Kelly from Pulletop, NSW December 22, 2015