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Drovers have been providing livestock producers, cattle, sheep and goats quality ear tags for over 30 years.

Drovers NLIS cattle tags have an ultra sharp easy application.  The male buttons and NLIS tags have a positive lock and new generation microchip.  The plastic used in UV stabilised.  Buy these cattle tags and we will get them sent strait to you.  Any sheep ear tags from Drovers ID you can purchase at  Drovers Turbo tag for NLIS cattle available including bulk discounts.  Sally is taking phone orders accepted on (0438) 169 839.  Queensland (QLD) tag orders forms to be emailed.  South Australian Levy applicable.  This is now $1.50.  Great livestock id tags for SA, NSW, Tas and WA. You can not buy them through website anymore.  The only online store specifically for cattle nlis ear tags.

National Livestock Identification System NLIS requires tags to be in every cow or heifer, calf, bull or steer before they go to the saleyards.  Order online and save.  Exclusive arrangements now in place.