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Round Tag Datamars NLIS Tag ( Zeetags )




Datamars cattle ear tag has been NLIS accredited since 2011 this 30mm round plastic tag has maximum print size of 5mm.  Renowned retention supported by trials.  The Epoxy resin protects the transponder and it has great readability. Designed to be applied with the Z2 no tear tagger™  or Datamars universal applicator by Agri-ID.  you can put it in either way.  Each tag comes with a matching NLIS approved DO NOT REMOVE male button.  When you order your tags though you will complete all the necessary questions to make sure your order is completed and accurate.  Available in Breeder (white) for your livestock that are born on your property or as a post breeder (orange) for all those animals that have lost a tag.



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