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NLIS Cattle Enviro Tag Bulk Quantity 4000+ ( Leader )




Purchase a Standard Deluxe Flexible Applicator to apply these tags.  These can be used for the 2 piece leader tag range as well

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NLIS Cattle Enviro Tag Fully Recyclable into NLIS. Great Retention. They are from Leader Products who are Australian owned.  Cattle producers are able to buy online these ear tags at discounted prices due to their recycled components. No Lump or damaged chip on application. Australian made. These come with a DO NOT REMOVE button for NLIS compliance and are realiable.  Your PIC (property identification code) and a Unique management number will be on the tags.  When you place the order you can specify this number sequence; first character can be alpha or numeric but cant be O or I.  Numbers cannot be repeated within a calendar year but we will check that for you.

NLIS tags can be matched with corresponding Flexible Tags for management use in the opposite ear to provide a complete Livestock ID system.

If you are after less than 4000 enviro tags click here to order more than 750 tags.

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