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NLIS Drovers Turbotag Bulk Quantity- greater then 2000 ( Drovers )


NLIS Drovers TurboTags for Cattle  – get read distance and designed to withstand the harshest conditions. White for Breeder and Orange for Post Breeder.  The tag will be printed in Laza – will have your PIC, then the 3 code letters and then the number range.  The number range is 5 digits long.  You have the choice of the first digit in the range being a letter – however you can not have the letter o or I.  These letters are easily confused with a one (1) or a zero (0).  You also can not order duplicated numbers within the one year.




Suitable applicators include the Junior Applicator



NLIS Drovers Turbotag Cattle ear tags approved Device for cattle in Australia.  This include a male Button with DO NOT REMOVE printed on it.  Has an ultra sharp end.  Easy to apply with a positive lock.  New Generation Microchip technology and UV stabilised plastic designed to last in Australia. PIC and Up to 5 digits will be printed and is included in the cost of the tag.  These 29mm round tags are great to read from a distance.

The tag will have a 16 character NLIS number on it.  Including your PIC (Property Identification Code)  and you can  specify a unique management tag number. The first character can be alpha or numeric (not O or I)  and the numbers cannot be repeated within a calendar year.



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