Herd About Us ?

About Cattle-tags.com.au

We are Australian livestock producers and exporters with a passion for supporting regional and rural communities.  We were tagging long before Twitter made it cool and have extensive knowledge in the area of compliance.  We know the issues you face, because we face them too.

Cattle-tags.com.au was set up by the families behind Allstock (NSW) Pty Ltd. Our aim is to make livestock tagging easy, efficient and cost-effective for everyone with quality products that are National Livestock Identification System compliant and will last in the harsh Australian conditions.

 We know the NLIS rules, we know the products and we have a great relationship with all our manufacturers including Allflex, Drovers, Leader Products and Zee Tags.

At cattle-tags.com.au you can compare the best products and the best prices all in one place. Better still, when you shop securely online with us you know you will meet your NLIS requirements because our compliance experts keep up to date with all the industry changes and won’t place your order if it is wrong.

We know you don’t like wasted time or money, and neither do we.

  • We can help you find the best product for your needs
  • We check your order is accurate and meets your compliance requirements
  • We deal with the manufacturers for you
  • We provide tracking for your order

 There is a team of people from across regional Australia behind the cattle-tags.com.au success story. We believe in maintaining our country values in an online world.  

You can turn to us for advice, and if you’ve got a beef we’ll listen. We are here to help you find solutions to your problems. We’ll even remind you when it’s time to re-order, chase up manufacturers for you and inform you of changes to the system. But only if you want us to – we love ham, we hate spam.