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NLIS ear tags orders are controlled under the Stock Identification Regulation 2005. In Queensland (QLD) you need to give us confirmation you have a legitimate reason for buying NLIS devices. You also have to show that you are the person associated with a registered property identification code (PIC).

You do this through Biosecurity Queensland.

Biosecurity Queensland can be contacted on 13 25 23 (cost of a local call within Queensland) or 07 3404 6999 and are open weekdays from 8am to 5pm, except Thursdays when they open at 9am.

A Biosecurity Queensland inspector must give us the tick when your order is placed with us at

Yes it means filling in a form.

The forms have an expiry date but you can place more than one order with that form, provided you do so before it expires. After that you’ll need a new form. We give you the option to save a copy of your form when you log on so it is one less thing to remember.

Manufacturers and suppliers must record the order expiry dates and check that they haven’t expired before filling new orders.

Biosecurity Queensland also maintains records of expiry dates and conducts audits of manufacturers and suppliers.

Be sure to have your form ready when you place your order with us and always allow plenty of time between placing your order and the expected time of applying the tags.

Normal production time is at least a week. Allow additional time for freight or postage.