Quick – I Need some ear tags

When Will I Get My Tags?

It is the busiest time of the year for the manufacturers at the moment.  Tags are normally dispatched within 5 working days – sometimes the same day – however it all depends on who the manufacturer is, how busy they are and what machine they use to produce your product.  We speed up the process by asking them to carefully pack and send the orders to you directly but they keep us informed of what stage your order is at and we chase them up for you if we think things are slower than they should be.


We let you know when your tags are on their way, as soon as  Allflex, Leader and Zeetags

Allflex – automatic email will let you know when the tags are on their way

Leader – Log on and check if tags have been sent

Zeetags – send us an email within 48 hours

There are peak times for tag ordering which can stretch out processing times so take advantage of our reminder service (read more here) and get in before the rest of the mob.

We have a great relationship with all our manufactures and we are lucky they will work like a bull at a gate to get our orders processed. If you need your tags urgently, let us know and we will do whatever we can to help get you ready for market.


How Will I Get My Tags?

We get the manufacturers to deliver the custom printed ear tags straight to you via a range of delivery services:


  • Allflex – regular, express post and TNT
  • Leader – regular and express post
  • Stockbrands – regular post
  • Wagin – regular post
  • Zee Tags – regular, express post and TNT

We follow up with the manufacturer and let you know when they are on their way.

If you have ordered from various manufacturers they will come in separate shipments.

Do I Have To Be There When My Order Arrives?

Each postie and courier is different. If you are happy to have your order left, tell us where on the Authority To Leave My Parcel If Not At Home section of your order form. We can’t guarantee this but, more often than not, the postie will if they can.


For regular and express Australia Post deliveries a PO Box is fine, or your farm address. Where the postie goes, so can your tags!!!


If your package is coming via courier it will have to go to a physical address within town – even if it is your local hair salon or favourite pub!



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