TSU – Allflex Tissue Sampling Units – Identify the Difference

Allflex TSU

Allflex TSU (Tissue Sampling Units) are the best thing since sliced bread for sampling tissue.  Simple to use and quick.  The TSU applicator works similar to your ear tagging gun, except it takes a sample of the ear with it.  The sample is contained in a tube with a preservative to be then sent away for testing.  You can see the sample so you know you got it. 

Testing can be either serological (means blood), or replaces hair samples for genomics, dna or parenting.  These units are not species specific – pigs, sheep, cattle, alpaca’s, fish, horses, goats – whatever species you need tested you can do it.  Warning, not to be used on your children ! 

 You also avoid cross contamination and eliminating the human (error that is).  Lots of options for links between the animal and the sample.  Double checks can be done against your NLIS ear tags or management tag to be ‘paired, matched or linked’.  When you get the results – you know it is no bull !  Testing is expensive if you get duplicated samples or wrong identification numbers.

Laboratories currently accepting TSU’s include Sheep CRC and Genomics Testing, NSW DPI Diagnostics Animal Labs, Swan Veterinary Services, The University of Queensland Animal Genetics Laboratory (AGL) and of course Zoetis Australia.



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