Drovers Turbotag at Cattle-tags.com.au

Drovers TurboTags

Drovers have been providing livestock producers with quality livestock tags for over 30 years.  On August the 1st 2016, cattle-tags.com.au are now able to help Drovers clients with their NLIS ear tag requirements.  Orders can be placed online with us and the ear tags will be posted direct to you.

Please fill out the quote form or email us at orders@cattle-tags.com.au if we can save you money with large quantities discounts.  Make the most of record cattle prices – not seen in nearly 20 years and get your NLIS Drovers Turbotags online.

Click here to go strait to Drovers tags online at cattle-tags.com.au

The National Livestock Identification system requires all cattle to have an NLIS-accredited device like the turbotag.  There is a white ‘breeder’ tag which you order online with us and apply it into your livestock before they leave the property.  Livestock id (identification) then follows the animals for its life.  An orange ‘post breeder’ tag can also be purchased and is used if an animal looses its tags.  We have added the option when buying online to order a combination of breeder and post breeder ear tags all on the one screen.  Lets you get out into the paddock quicker or to enjoy your afternoon beer.


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