How Smart Farms will change the world.

For most of us, livestock and the Internet seem worlds apart – only coming together when it is time to pay bills, update NLIS records or order ear tags from us (you can do that right now here). Little do people know, the Internet of Things (IoT) technology is the best thing since sliced bread.

Smart Farms are the way of the future.

IoT technology will allow farmers to address key issues dominating the livestock industry including:

  • Animal welfare
  • Livestock management
  • Productivity


There is no point waiting for production costs to come down. Like rain, it just doesn’t ever seem to happen. Instead, we will all benefit from increased production of high-quality Animal Welfare

There is also a push for more humane methods in production and  monitoring the overall health of the animals is key.  Access to technology helps us to identify changes in behaviour, such as prior to calving, kidding or lambing or if animals are ‘unwell’.

Smart farms are the way of the future for managing our properties and livestock. We will be able to embed internet connected sensors to our stock ensuring there is no discomfort and enabling us to monitor the information these sensors provide.

If any of the data we receive is outside the ‘norm’ we will be able to respond more quickly and provide treatment to the animal.

Livestock Management

GPS technology can help track an animal’s location and behaviour in the paddock. We will know when the feed ‘runs out’ because the sensors will let us know they are spreading out further in the paddock and grazing quickly. If the water is low, they will remain at the trough for longer.

NLIS will be a by-product of this management tool.  Stock theft would decrease.

I am excited by the benefits of this technology and the advancements being made through the Internet of Things which I believe far exceeds any costs associated with the sensor device.

Only time will tell where this all takes us.


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